7 Most Popular Types of Chains for Men

There are hundreds of types of necklace chains, and new ones are designed every year. But in contemporary jewelry design, there are not many types of chains commonly used by men. The most popular are the following types.

1. Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chain can be said to be the most popular type of chain in men's jewelry. The chains of different lengths and thicknesses alone can bring a different atmosphere to a man's style. Combined with the pendant, it can also create a tough guy atmosphere.

Cuban Link Chain with personalized name for men

2. Rope Chain

Rope chain can be worn alone, but more often it is worn with a pendant. The rope chain is generally thick, so it is very suitable for men to wear, and the style will be more casual or hip-hop.

rope chain with Initial Pendant For Men

3. Box Chain

Most chains can be worn alone, as long as the chain thickness is appropriate, and the same goes for box chains. But most of the time box chains are worn with pendants.

men box chain with initial pendant

4. Figaro Chain

Figaro chain has a soft look in appearance. When the length of the chain is more than 20 inches, it is usually matched with a pendant. It can also be worn alone, the length is generally 18-20 inches.

Figaro Chain with personalized pendant for men

5. Cable Chain

Simplicity is classic, cable chain is one of the most commonly used chain, usually worn with pendant.

Cable Chain with initial pendant for men

6. Twisted Link Chain

Twisted link chains are similar to cable chains, with the same simplicity and durability. It is also one of the most commonly used chains and is worn with pendants.

Twisted Link Chain with personalized name for men

7. Leather Chain

Leather chains are generally associated with resort style or bohemian style, but the use of leather chains is not limited to these two styles.

Leather Chain with Sterling Silver Pendant for men
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