Chain Lengths for Men

If you are just starting to try to buy and wear necklaces, or if you are a female friend who wants to buy necklaces for men, you may be confused about which size to choose. Different length chains will have different visual effects and styles, so you need to consider your body type, face shape and favorite style.

Short Chains(18-20 inch)

The commonly used industry standard lengths for men's necklaces are 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch. The best length for a men's chain is 20 inch which is the most popular length for men. The length of necklaces worn by women generally starts from 16 inch, while men's are 18 inch starts. If you want to choose a short necklace, the size range you choose is 18-20 inch, you can choose 18 inch or 19 inch for the smaller height and weight, 19 inch or 20 inch for the larger height and weight, the chain position is about above and below the collarbone. This length is suitable for most jewelry styles.

Medium Chains(20-26 inch)

The position of the chain above the chest, usually pendant necklaces or metal chains of moderate thickness, such as dog tag necklaces, initial necklaces, and name necklaces, is suitable for casual or hip-hop styles.

men initial pendant necklace

Long Chains (26 inch+)

Chains are generally below the chest, commonly used in bead necklaces and leather necklaces, and usually suitable for casual or Bohemian style.

Chain lengths for body type and face shape

Short and medium chains are suitable for heart-shaped faces, square faces and people with smaller body types, while medium and long chains are more suitable for square and round faces and larger people.

mens chain lengths

chain lengths for men



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